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Banner Advertising

Banner - this is the most popular method of advertising

Banner advertising (media advertising) - one of the dominant forms of advertising on the Internet. Typically the key graphic image used in the Banner will correspond to the ad counterpart in conventional print advertising. This form of advertising on the Internet has the added advantages that the imaging may contain animations, or even video. Banner advertising is often the target for a hyperlink that takes the user directly to the advertiser's specific site.

Online advertising is currently growing with tremendous speed. Our group is on the cutting edge and can offer the latest technologies and methods for its implementation. We can explore and customize two types of banner:

  • Traditional (images executed in JPEG or GIF);
  • Modern (made by the method of FLASH or JAVA).

Eye-catching graphics and other imaging methods can bring this type of advertising to popular network sites, thus making a banner one of the most effective methods to increase exposure for your company.

More information about the service banner ads

Although some small companies may try to implement banner types of advertising on their own, we believe that the best products require the help of true experts, such as those available at NovaMedia. To get high quality and efficient advertising banners, you need to work with specialists. The process is actually quite complex and will require the type of expertise listed below that is best provided by professionals such as those at our advertising agency. We offer:

  • Familiarization with the subject of media advertising;
  • Defining for each client of the optimal advertising platforms;
  • The professional development of an advertising banner (the work on the design and text, the use of visual effects, etc.);
  • The actual implemenation and insertion in the Web of the project banner;
  • A detailed analysis of the optimal use of the advertising campaign to provide the best exposure at the lowest cost.

At each stage of our specialists will personally engage, ineteractively with our clients, take responsibility for the outcomes and help to guarantee the effectiveness of the advertising.

The cost of banner advertising

Our advertising company always gives its customers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the detailed options that may effect the overall cost of the advertising product. Transparency of pricing is one of the principal rules, focused upon by NovaMedia.

Like other methods of online advertising, Banner advertising has specific features and effectiveness that will depend upon:

  • web site traffic , which will host the banner;
  • The advertising content (text content and graphic design);
  • The number and timing of exposure of the Banner.

Our specialists in the design of banner advertising adhere to the principle that we will always work to provide the best results at affordable prices.

Order banner ads

In order to get a detailed consultation or to order a banner ad you can use any of the contact options listed below:

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