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Bulletin Boards

Newsletter ads

Placement of advertising messages on electronic bulletin boards – оis one of the most inexpensive forms of internet advertising. It is a cost effective means to reach an audience in a minimum amount of time. Some web portals provide an opportunity to place ads on their pages. Some businesses will try to utilize free classified ads to advertise themselves. However, in reality most messages done in this way by non-professionals is ultimately an ineffective and time-consuming process. In order to place ads on more than a dozen boards will often take several hours.

To save your time and your money, our advertising agency offers its services in placing your information in the appropriate sections of a very large number of boards.

At NovaMedia we guarantee that:

  • The number of electronic boards, to which we will be distributing on our client’s behalf will be constantly growing (the list is updated periodically);
  • The placement of advertisements is being implemented using a semi-automated methodology (automatic addition excepted), to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of the messaging.

Our service also provides periodic re-mailing. Thus, your ad will always be one of the first ads visible on popular boards.

Advantages of the service mailing ads

Our company offers clearcut advantages over do-it-yourself methods. These advantages include:

  • Because of our substantial resources and experience, you will reach a large target audience;
  • Our methodology ensures that over time, your ads will have access into multiple search engines (the effectiveness of advertising will skyrocket);
  • Using our methodology, these types of ads on the Internet are a very effective way to promote your site.

Stageing of ads

Before the technical work on the newsletter we provide a number of additional actions that significantly affect the effectiveness of advertising messages:

  • We will assist in the preparation of the title and text for then ads (our specialists help you in choosing keywords and phrases)
  • Depending upon on the subject, a we will assist in targeting the appropriate electronic boards, and we will create;
  • a schedule for ads, and
  • coordination for repeated mailings.

Our advertising campaigns are constantly monitored by our specialists. By ordering the advertisement on the bulletin board created by our agency, you will automatically increase sales and generate interest in your product or services. We believe that one of the great values that we provide is access to these sophisticated services at reasonable costs that allows this service to be created even for small businesses.

Order service to place ads

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