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Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising (Advertising on Google)

The use of contextual advertising on the internet has many advantages over all forms of outdoor advertising. Many business owners are unaware of this type of advertising, or may not understand the advantages and power of this type of advertising compared to other types of internet advertising. Therefore, we invite you to review briefly the main features of our services. We hope that this will allow you to better understand its advantages.

Contextual advertising – is one means of online advertising. The basic principle behind contextual advertising is that the content of the advertising matches the theme of the web page on which it is located. This means that the subject content, located in a retrieval system syncs with the user's request and aligns with the content on partner sites. Reaching a wholly-owned target audience - is the main advantage achieved through the use of this type of advertising.

The most popular contextual advertising means are:

  • Google AdWords;
  • Yandex Direct;
  • Begun.

More information about the service content

Some companies have tried to deal with all of the complexities required to create this approach to advertising, and have relied upon employees that have little knowledge or experience in this area. As a result, their advertising campaign often suffers from poor performance and a bloated budget.

Online advertising (advertising in Google) – This is the main objective and expertise of our company, NovaMedia. We offer you our services for the creation and placement of your specific company’s content, because we believe that the proper planning and execution can be done only competently trained specialists.

Our advertising agency uses the following steps when creating content:

  • creating an effective ad text;
  • selection of key words and phrases;
  • budget planning;
  • targeting (selection of the target audience);
  • the timing display.

In addition, our specialists will initiate your ability to advertise in Google, and will also continue to analyze it, and refine the most effective messaging.

The cost of PPC advertising

Internet advertising, as well as other forms of advertising, have many factors that affect its value. Therefore, when calculating the cost for developing and effectively placing content we seriously consider a number of critical factors:

  • subjects of the advertising;
  • setting targeting (click cost, time,);
  • choice of keywords and phrases.

Since every client’s needs vary considerably, the exact budget for any project and our expert services can only be determined after a complete and in-depth, consultation, and analysis of your needs.

Order contextual advertising

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