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Website Development

Create a site quality, quickly and inexpensively

Creating a site – This is a laborious process, which entails the need to involve experts in the field of programming, layout, design, and SEO-copywriting.

Our advertising agencyunderstands that most clients seeking our services already have a basic understanding of websites and the potential impact of the Internet on the development of their business. You have come to our site in order to familiarize yourself with the scope and the quality of our services.

In this section we will outline the stages of developing your site, the various aspects of your participation in this process, and allow you to assess what kind of site you may need.

Stages of development of the site

ОThe main focus of our company is the creation of websites. Our experts are confident that, with our expertise, you will be able to develop a website of any complexity with exclusive design and, importantly, targeted to your budget. We promote a close collaboration with our web designers. In this way you will be able to have great input into the design of your site. As we start the process you will get acquainted with the mode of operation, and the main stages of creating your web-project:

    • Determine the scope of the company, study the target audience;
  • Develop terms of reference (TOR) and its coordination;
  • Design development and approval;
  • Site development. Programming and coding;
  • Testing and commissioning of turnkey website.

Types of Sites

For you to be able to order a website that will meet all of your needs, we also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the types of sites that our company is can create for you. We would encourage you to contact us directly to review in more detail any of this information.

  • Online business card - this is a simple site, consisting of a small number of pages that host all the necessary information about your company: information on activities, price lists, services, list of products, contact information, etc. This simple online representation of your company has several advantages and can efficiently find you new customers.
  • Site directory characterized by a complex structure. It typically contains a large amount of pages, sections and subsections. The main function performed by the web-site directory is to provide access to key information leading to the sale of goods and services.
  • Business site (corporate site) – This is a complex site for a significant business. An online resource of this type, may contain more than 100 pieces, posted detailed information about the company's catalog of products and services, price list, feedback and additional information is necessary for both our customers and for employees of the corporation.
  • News site (information site) – a web-site that specializes in providing users with news on the Internet. Information sites are designed not only media but also can be implemented as a private Web-based projects that are to ADB with another business.
  • E-shop is a secure site that provides all the necessary functions to make purchases over the Internet. Website development shops is one of the critical components in the development of small and medium businesses. The advantages of online shopping is that you can overcome issues related to geographical and temporal boundaries. The customer can make a purchase in any place and at any time of day.
  • Information Portal – A great site containing a vast amount of information regarding a particular topic. The main feature of this form of web-site is navigation, to allow the user access to find everything they need.

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