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Programming and design development site

The use of the Internet in Ukraine, as well as worldwide, is growing rapidly. This very rapid growth of the network, requires a dynamic knowledge of new features, functions and services. This makes it critical to engage a team that is up to date with the latest technologies, in order to make your interfacing with the Internet more attractive and functional.

For clients that have previously utilized free templates sites, we will be pleased to work with you, at modest cost, to improve or refine your design. Even if you have an already functioning site we would offer to upgrade the site and to add new services and features. Our company offers its services to implement upgrades utilizing additional software modules.

Our company can offer additional modules, that can provide new possibilities for your web-resource.Ultimately this will help to optimize the messaging that you are trying to create for your customers. Our programmers have state-of-the art expertise in the most modern methods and software modules, and can meet the needs of the most demanding clients to accomplish complex tasks.

Development of software modules

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the software modules that we can provide, and the services that can be implemented by our experts:

  • Scripts for the site, interacting with databases;
  • Scripts that handle text, graphical information, as well as file archives;
  • Interactive modules (forum, feedback form, etc.);
  • Additional modules (news, bulletin announcements, newsletter, etc.);
  • Advanced search capabilities software.

The above list includes not all the services, but only the best known and in use today. Our company will customize our services and the product offering to optimize and moderize your Internet exposure and will provide ongoing analysis of the site services.

In order to best determine which software modules are best for you we would like to offer personal consultation via telephone or using our email as listed below. After the initial consultation we will have a better understanding of your needs and we will work together to optimize the technical features for your project. You can also purchase from us prepared php-scripts or other software products.

Use the service

In order to get a detailed consultation or order a service you can contact us via any of the means listed below:

Tel. Tel.: +38 (067) 542-63-60
E-mail E-mail:
Feedback Feedback: fill in the form