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Technical and information support

Technical support: – we provide a critical set of services that are required to support the operation of your web-resource. Some site owners believe that they can skip this support and rely on the natural longevity of their site, in order to try to save money. However, enterprising entrepreneurs, understand the significant role that their web-site plays in the development of their business. They also understand that the ongoing success of this effort requires monitoring and often frequent updating.

The package of services provided by us for site maintenance includes:

  • Rapid recovery resources in case of technical failures;
  • Management of existing services;
  • Identification and elimination of errors on the work site;
  • Backup with subsequent restoration of the site content;
  • Information protection;
  • Functionality updating with the latest software;
  • Modification and ongoing updating of graphics.

Information Support Site – We will monitor and update your site Content as an online resource. As needed, we will modify the existing text, and periodically update the information on your site. Well-formed content critically affects the promotion of the site in search engines. Our professionals take great pride in providing the best web site support.

Informational support includes:

  • Processing and analysis of textual, tabular and graphical content;
  • Adding and updating text information as needed;
  • Adding and updating of the graphics, as needed;
  • Backup services, with restoration of the site content.

Benefits Support Site

In some companies various employees may be assigned to develop, monitor or update web resources. In many cases these individuals lack the expertise to optimize the we product. In most cases these individuals cannot provide or optimize the site because they do not understand the requirements for support and optimization

We will provide many services which will ultimately save you time and money. We would look forward to the opportunity to discuss the key services that we can provide, with all its advantages, including:

  • Minimize the risks of site from damage or corruption;
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for in-house web support staff;
  • Site information is constantly monitored and updated;
  • Professionally designed content attracts search engines and lures new customers;
  • Our professionals have all the skills to problem-solve key issues;
  • Low cost services.

Modernization and optimization

Practice shows that increasing the number of firms already have websites, but most of them need to improve their web-resource.

The main reasons that companies need to revise or reconstruct their site(s) are:

  • A change in ownership of the site or company;
  • Low efficiency and poor results from the online resource;
  • Outdated design and content of the site;
  • A need to add new services to increase competitive advantages.

This is not a complete list of all of the reasons why many companies need to redesign or re-focus their web-based resurces. The key message here is that this is a complex and dynamic field that requires ongoing monitoring and support starting with the creation of websites, followed by optimizing sites, website promotion, and finally support and maintenance . These are all critical and interrelated processes, which are necessary to lead your business to success.

provided by NovoMedia to upgrade your web-based site:

  • Site optimization for search engines;
  • Reconstruction and of the site;
  • Development of a new web-design;
  • Addition of new sections of existing resources;
  • creation of new services: a forum, site search, guest books, etc.

Order support, site optimization

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